Monday, August 24, 2009

~From The Homestead~

A visit to my Grandmas shop in Elk Grove, Ca. A cute little place called From The Homestead. My Grandparents love Antiques and travel a few times a year to find great treasures. I decided to pick a color theme of red and show you a few things they have. I love all the old time kitchen ware!
Heres some classic white jars with red lids
I thought this clock was really cute and the match holder
I really like the red stand, love how it holds the rolling pins on the side. You could probably put cook books there as well. Cute little salt and pepper shakers too.
Rolling Pins
She hung a tin tray and used it for magnets. Cute idea for any room!
Jars and Misc. stuff. Just a small preview!


  1. I love the tin tray with the magnets. I think I may try that in my classroom. I have some cool magnets but nowhere to hang them.

  2. Those red dishes are gorgeous! The fall stuff is cute too. That is in the store, right? It is blasphemy to have fall decorations out already. Lol.

  3. Melissa,
    My older girls have bunk beds and I have those next to there beds. I put there lunch money on their or important papers so they dont 4get. I just put one bye the front door for coupons and bills that need to be mailed!

    Yes, from Gmas shop! I know fall already! lol. summer went so fast!

  4. Love your Grans shop... I love red in a kitchen - it's so cheerful.. I started to collect same.. Does she have a bread bin for sale that she could post to Ireland??!! Tall order I know. Where do you make time to do all you do?.. I'm really impressed.. but I am just a tad older (quite a lot and energy levels not what they used to be!) I have a 29 yr old son in Australia (Sydney)

  5. Thank you! I havent seen a bread bin! Im lucky enough to be a stay at home mom! So I have time when the kids are in school, but they do help garden!


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