Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Basil Harvesting Party

Last week I went to the UC DAVIS Basil Harvesting Party! I went with my friend Tammie and my lil one Kyla. It was alot of fun! The people we met were very nice and answered any questions we had. The Gardens were Gourgeous! Gave me a few ideas to incorporate into next years garden!
Heres some of The Basil Plants we picked from.
Red Rubin!
Fino Verde!
We also got Super Sweet Chen! The picture I took was blury.
I had a basket full of Basil! I made some pesto to freeze with the "Fino Verde" and over the weekend I canned Chunky Marinara with the "Red Rubin" I made a yummy Focassia Bread using the "Super Sweet
Chen" Below are the ways I used all this wonderful Basil!
Pesto Cubes!
Chunky Marinara!
Focassia Bread!
Heres a link to the UC Davis Good Life Garden!
Soon they will be having a Lavender Harvesting party & Sage Harvesting! I cant wait to go back!


  1. Oh, nice to have Basil Harvesting Party!.. we have basil growing here, with white and purple flowers. Enough for us but not enough for a Harvesting Party! Cheers ~bangchik

  2. Its the one herb I cannot grow sucessfully, don't know why?

    I love the tip on freezing homemade pesto into cubes.

  3. Mangocheeks~ Have you tried growing it in a large pot? Sometimes its easier to control the adding of compost and water!

  4. Aarrgghh!! Yer killin' me with all those basil pics! I can smell the aroma from Santa Barbara. Now I have to make a reservation at my favorite Thai restaurant. Thanks for nuthin'. See ya at Twitter!

  5. All the herbs are so helpful for our body.


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