Monday, September 14, 2009

~Jalepeno Pepper Jelly~

Jalepeno's, If you grow them, you know they come in abundance! This year I planted about 6 plants.Which means I got alot of these wonderful peppers. Jalepeno's are my favorite pepper! I grow alot and use them in everything. I dry them, use them in salsa's & Jalepeno cornbread! This year I tried something new! Jalepeno Pepper Jelly! Its very good on Bagels with cream chesse. You could even put it on crackers with cream cheese. Heres the recipe I used out of the Ball Blue Book of Preserving.
Jalepeno Pepper Jelly
3/4 pounds of Jalepeno peppers
2 cups cider vinegar, divided
6 cups of sugar
2 pouches liquid pectin
Green food coloring (optional) I dont use it, I like the natural color!
Yeild: about 5 half pints
Wash peppers; drain. Remove stems and seeds. Puree peppers and 1 cup of the cider vinegar in food processor. The smell of these 2 items combining are very potent, try not to inhale. (It always makes me cough) Combine puree , 1 cup vinegar and sugar in a large saucepot. Bring to a boil; boil 10 min, stirring consistently. Stir in liquid pectin. Return to rollin boil. Boil hard 1 min, stirring consistintly. Remove from heat. Skim any foam if neccessary. Stir in a few drops of food coloring, if desired. Ladle hot jelly into hot jars, leaving 1/4inch headspace. Adjust 2 piece caps. Process 10 min in a boiling water canner.
Note: If you choose to not wear gloves (like I do) when cutting peppers. Wash hands after with a couple teaspoons of Kosher Salt, and scrub as hard as you can. This works to get the pepper off your hands and the smell out. I know I have rubbed my eyes after cutting peppers and it burns!

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  1. Yum Yum Yum.

    And you certainly have been spoiling us with your plum preserve recipes.

    PS love that pepper sign.


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