Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Turning the Great Pumpkin into Puree!

Turning Pumpkins to Puree isnt as hard as I thought it may be. I have been cooking down my pumpkins and making puree for all my baking needs! With Thanksgiving on the horizon I have been getting everything ready. So far I have used Pumpkin Puree for many things!

First you need a good size pumpkin.

Cut up the Pumpkin into chunks.

Take all the seeds and guts out! ( I set my seeds aside and wash later for toasting)

Crank that old stove to 350 degrees.

Put the pieces in a baking dish with about 1 inch of water covering the bottom of the dish.

Check the Pumpkin after 30 minutes of cooking, if its not fork tender, cook in 10 minutes more until desired tenderness.

When tender scrape the flesh from the outer skin. Add the tender pimpkin to your food processor and puree in small batches.

Measure 2 cups of puree for each bag to be frozen. (I seal mine in my food sealer.)

Toss in freezer and it should last about 6 months.

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  1. i have never tackled making my own pumpkin puree...maybe next year I will try. i didn't have too many extra this year. they all got carved. hope you are getting lots of rest!


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