Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dreamy Red Swiss Chard, A bolt of Color for any Garden!

Swiss Chard has become one of my favorite leafy greens! I love the lush green leaves with its bright red veins. It screams a vibrant, Boom Boom Pow to the dull greens that surround her in the Garden! Am I being extreme? Maybe, or maybe im not saying enough about this vibrant green! They say Swiss Chard is the new Spinach! I say Swiss Chard deserves to shine on her own! I just love the look of Swiss Chard in the Garden!

I usually start my Chard directly into the garden! I toss a couple packets of seed in its designated spot! I try to plant the seeds a couple inches apart in a wide row, near other lettuces and leafy greens with a few scallions tossed through out! You can usually start harvesting your Chard in about 60 days! Its a fast growing food that you can see and enjoy early. I usually let mine grow about 5 to 6 inches from the ground and cut it about an inch above the soil. The more you harvest the more it grows back! Swiss Chard just keeps on giving. Another great tip, keep your chard cut back. Dont just cut the large outside leaves, they are the oldest of the plant, yet still good to eat. Cut back the whole plant to about an inch from the ground. You will see new tender leaves in a few days and produce another harvest within a couple of weeks!

As you can see, I have Chard growing with some Spinach. There are some great ways to enjoy Swiss Chard. Chard tastes great in green salads, stir frys and you can cook it down like other greens!

If you havent grown Swiss Chard, try it! Its a gourgeous leafy green with flair. If anything you have added color to your garden. You can also try adding some Chard to flower beds for extra green foliage.

Happy Gardening!


  1. SOLD! i was debating on whether or not to grow Chard this year..and your blog just knocked me over the fence..

    Can't wait to grow it now!


  2. Chard really adds color to any garden. I am growing radishes with exactly the same impact, adding RED to otherwise very green garden. ~bangchik

  3. Green Thumb,
    I think you will be happy growing Chard! They also have a rainbow variety, but I love the red! Let me know how it grows!

    I love the color it adds to an all green garden!

    Happy Gardening!

  4. We love chard over here. The color is just spectacular! I agree it is very easy to grow. One of the first veggies I tried.


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