Wednesday, February 24, 2010

~Friendship Garden~

Friendships mean so much to all of us! What does friendship mean to you? The best part of friendship for me is meeting and learning about someone for the first time and then nurturing that friendship. I love making new friends! Which leads me to my latest adventure.

Each new year, My children and I work on a project that helps to benifit others. Since most of my family participates in the gardening season, we though to do a project that involves gardening.

This year we are planning a Friendship Garden! Our Friendship Garden will connect us with seniors in our community. Our thought is this: We will grow a seperate garden in our yard named The Friendship Garden!
We will try to grow as much as we can and donate all the veggies from that garden to seniors in our area! Doesnt that sound Fabulous! We have 17 seniors on board so far to recieve 3 to 4 harvest of fresh veggies throught the summer growing season. Hopefully more if all goes well. The seniors we have chosen are on limited incomes and may not have the extra money to purchase nutritional veggies on their own.

As our Friendship Garden starts to take off and grow, I will post pictures and updates here on my blog. I will be updating you on the progress we are making and show you pictures of the food we will be giving to the seniors. As time goes on, my kids will be talking and meeting with the seniors. Also, we are going to feature the seniors we meet and introduce them to you. As we get to know them we will share our experiences with you. Hopefully we will change their lives by providing healthy foods and our friendship. As I know, they will change our lives by allowing us into theres .

Most of you know how expensive it is to start a garden. We are seeking a little help. Do you have extra seed you would like to donate to our Friendship Garden. We would greatly appreciate any help you can give!  Part of why we decided to name it a Friendship Garden, was all the support from my friends in real life, Twitter, Facebook and the Blogging world. Many of you that I talked to, thought this is a super idea and a great way to get kids involved in gardening and giving!

I have had a few Friends donate to my project so far:

My good friend Miss Nessa whom I met through Twitter & talk alot to on Facebook, Donated  a $25 gift card from  Johnny's Selected Seeds Which I used to buy French Fingerling Potatos (which will be here in March) Fino Verde Basil and Black Cherry Tomato's.(The Potatos took a good bulk of that gift card!) She is Launching a wonderful new blog for gardeners and you can find her here: She has many other blogs too! But lets help her kick off her latest!

I also recieved seeds from another Twitter Pal @Cityslipper who recently was giving away seeds on his wonderful blog that you can find here:
He donated, Blue Hubbard Squash & Neck Pumpkins!

Thanks Miss Nessa and @Cityslipper for your help in getting The Friendship Garden started!

My family and I have donated:
Yellow Pear Tomatos
Black Beauty Egg Plant

The Sheltons, Friends of the family have donated the Harvest from there Plum tree in the late summer months!

If you are intrested in donating seeds, please send me an email to
I will then give you the information you need to send us your seeds!

If you have any thoughts or ideas that may help us out, let us know!
We hope you will join us on our journey!
 The Friendship Garden is going to be Awesome and great fun!

Im also looking for somone who is computer savy, to make me a small header that says Friendship Garden! That way I can post that header everytime I blog about the friendship garden. In advance, Thanks for your help in kicking of this project!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. What fun! I hope everything grows awesomely for you so you have an abundance to give away. If you could use them, I can scrape together butternut squash seeds and, perhaps, some paste tomato seeds.


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