Thursday, April 8, 2010

Suprise Bulb.... Cant wait to see what it may be...

Everyday I take a little stroll around my backyard to see whats new! Since I am still recovering from surgery, I am not allowed to bend over, pull weeds or garden! No gardening, I know I know. It's crazy talk, but it's true! As I was staring at my herb garden, sitting on the bricks that surround it (I promise I wasnt pulling weeds, Ok maybe 3 or 4) I was kinda running my fingers through the dirt. I like to feel the texture of dirt! It's one of my wierd likes. As I was playing with my dirt, I found some strange looking little bulbs, possibly something that was growing there before. I have no idea what they are!

Picture is a little blury! I wasnt sure how I should plant them. It looks like 5 little bulbs attached to a big bulb. I am still learning about bulbs, so I have very little knowledge.

I decided to break 2 little bulbs off and plant them in some nice composted soil.

I then planted the remaining cluster the same way! Covered them with dirt and put them under my grow lights with the rest of my seedlings!

I am not sure if they will grow! I decided to take a chance anyway! The only thing I remeber being in the spot where I found these was a Mum, I think!

Does anyone know what they may be? If nobody knows, I guess I will have to be suprised if they make an appearence.

Fun thing about gardening, it's like a box of chocolates.....You never know what you might get!

Happy Gardening!!!

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