Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hort Courture comes to my backyard garden...'High Fashion' for Gardeners!

My garden is soon to be invaded by some plants and culinary herbs by a company named Hort Couture !

The brand is as they say on thier pamplet. A comprehensive mix of diverse products featuring Avant Garde Annuals, Culinary Corture, Sunny Succulents, & Tres Chic Tropicals! Hort Corture combines the worlds finest plants with a sophisticated marketing program to create "high fashion" brand in gardening! Its very cool if you ask me. Im exciteid to watch all these plants grow!

The catolog that came with the plants is very unique and beautiful! The book has a very classy name called a "Black Book" Garden Porn for sure! The pictures in this book are Fabulous!

I recieved my 2010 Plant Samples a couple weeks ago! I have since hardened them off and added them to differnt places in my garden.

Here is what I recieved :
(They sent me 3 starts of each plant, that's 12 plants Y'all!)

Hemigraphis 'Blackberry Waffle'
This plant is known for its colorful , puckered leaves. It has a unique foliage coloring of purples and greens with creamy undertones!

Calibrachoa 'Ready To Wear 'Paris'
A gourgeous plant with little flowers in colors of blue jean, bouquet red and bouquet yellow. Great for containers.

Sage 'La Crema'
This one is a richly varigated form of Berggarten Sage. It has an intense spicey fragrance and taste.

Tomato 'Black Krim'
Can you say Heirloom Tomato! It originated from The Black Sea region. A rich dark mahogany brown tomato. The hotter it is, the darker it gets!They say the flavor is very rich with a hint of saltiness!

It is a  pretty wide variety of plants! Best part about it, I have never grown any of these plants.

Heres some pictures I took before planting.

This one has the Calibrachoa & Hemigraphis.

Black Krim & Sage 'La Crema'

I love the plant tags! They are super cute!

Here are a few pics of them in throught my garden.



'Black Krim'

'Le Crema' Sage

I will keep you updated on the plants as they grow!

Happy Gardening!!!

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  1. I like the yellow flower best. The pot it is in is neat, too. I laughed when I read about your habit of reading "garden porn."


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