Monday, May 24, 2010

Recycling Fences for my future Tomato harvest!

This time of year Homeowners are doing repairs to thier homes and leaving thier old and tired lumber on the side of the road. Their trash becomes my future Recycling project! In this household we are in full garden prep, planting and seed sowing mode. I couldnt do it without the two awesome men in my life, my husband and my son. Although, they are not always eager to go hunting in junk piles and building my latest ideas! They do enjoy seeing thier final product and always look proud at what they have just made for the garden and for me. In the end they know its for a good cause, Moms Garden. They know come summer time, they will be eating delicous home grown veggies!

Here is some of the wood my husband cut using his table saw to make points on my future tomato stakes!

Here is the area my Tomatos will grow. I have small Tomato plants awaiting thier future Trellis's.
In this area I used Organic compost, rabbit poo and some top soil to prep my tomatos future living space.

Here is the design my husband helped me with. They look like little ladders. I like the look of the wood. It makes it look vintage. I can not wait to see the tomato plants all grown up and filling out this structure.

We hammered the Trellis's anout 4 inches deep into the dirt. I am hoping these structures will hold my Tomato bounty of Mortgage Lifters and Big Boy's.

What Recycled items are you using in your garden?

Happy Gardening & Recycling!!!

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