Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Snails.... Escargot for my family of chickens!

A gardeners worst nightmare....Snails!

When doing an Organic Garden, snails can be your worst enemy! They eat all your Lettuce, Spinach and foilage. This year they have been attacking my Baby Bok Choi and Lettuce like crazy!Oh and the snail slime, DIS-GUS-TING! It seems, I have more this year then last. I believe, this is because of all the unpredictible weather we have been having! Alot of extra rain that we are not used to this time of year!

Everyday I go snail hunting! I grab whatever is handy and start my hunt!
 I usually do my snail hunt around 7:30am. When the grass is wet from the nights dew! I can usually see them crawling away from my veggie garden. I always say to the snails, I hope you enjoyed your last meal! You are about to be a meal for my hens and rooster! My chickens see me in the yard gathering thier breakfast and start clucking away. They know whats coming! Most mornings they get about 10-15 snails!

Here are a couple of my hens enjoying there breakfast. I love to watch them run after each other for the same snail. Its funny to watch them fight over one snail. I toss them all in there and yet they want the same one. It's so intresting to watch how they get the snail out of the shell, yet they get it done!

Chickens are great for getting rid of snails in your organic garden! Since I live in an area where my chickens have to stay in a pin, I have to do the hunting for them! Although, if im in the backyard I will let my babies out for a couple hours! Usually I have to chase them out of my veggie patch! I love my chickens and their Eggs! I also love their poo! Which I add to my compost! Which in turn helps the soil for my veggie garden! Chickens are a wonderful addition to any garden.

Happy Snail Hunting!!!


  1. Haha! We don't have snails here but we do feed our birds slugs and grubs. For awhile a family at my daughter's school was collecting slugs in containers and leaving them for her in her school cubby. I think that won the award for most unusual cubby contents!

  2. I never knew chickens get rid of snails!


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