Monday, June 7, 2010

Nasturtiums...The progression of The Spitfire

I was trying to come up with a blog post about My Nasturtium Spitfires for the Grow Project. I couldnt think of what to write, so I decided to show you the progress from begining till now.

I started my seeds indoors in Febuary. Since I had never grown them before I wasnt sure how I should start them.

After they were good and started I planted them in an area of my yard that was ugly and needed some Pizzaz!

The Nasturtiums took off really well in this spot, this is 5 weeks after planting outside. I hope they cover the ugly fence that my neighbor has up! I also have Pineapple sage and Thyme planted here.

Here is the side view. Im hoping they climb this old broke down ladder.

My kiddo planted these Nasturtiums in with  the Tomitillos!

Heres how they look today! They are really taking over this spot.

I really think they will do the job of hiding the UGLY fence.

I can no longer see my Pinapple Sage or Thyme! Well if you look real hard in the middle of the ladder, you can see the Pinapple Sage trying to make an appearance! How are your Nasturtiums growing?

"I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds."


  1. Wow! Yours are already going crazy, but you got a head start on me! Mine will look more like that in another month. Are they starting to climb the ladder?

  2. they adapt well with the surroundings and really make their presence felt! ~bangchik

  3. Trina,
    They are climbing the ladder with some help from me. Training the vines to go where I want! Good times!

    They really do make their presence known. I love the bright flowers,

  4. Woah! are you feeding them steroids? They look great and I'm happy to see so many blooms.

  5. MBT,
    Just rabbit poo! Its steroids for plants!

  6. You've got BLOOMS! That's so awesome! They're doing great, Jenn! :-) Mine are doing fine, but no blooms yet.

  7. Kylee,
    Thanks for dropping by. I hope you get blooms soon. I have been trying to eat mine as much as I can. They remind me of pepper and wasabi, very good.

  8. You've a nice mess of "nasties" there! Much nicer than what I'm growing. I'm not too pleased with the growth habit of mine, it's in a pot with some black-eyed Susan vine and I'm allowing both to trail out and down a pedestal. It doesn't look too promising right now. I think I'm more used to a vine with vigor, 'Spitfire' looks leggy and weak, mine anyway. Your's is the exception.

  9. WOW! You Nasturtiums are amazing! This is my first year with them, too! Mine look nothing like yours! I love your header photo, too! Very creative!


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