Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Beauty of a Tomato....

Yes! I admit it, I have an obsession with all things Tomato!
When I slice into one it gets me very excited!
They are Gorgeous inside. Am I not right! As I was cutting into a couple of Heirloom Tomato's,  I thought. I must show this to the world or at least to those who are nice enough to follow my blog!

So I say bring it on and share the beauty!

The Mr.Stripey! So yummy, juicy and meaty! This Tomato has  a mild, low acid flavor.Tastes great as Pico De Gallo!

The Black Krim! Meaty, juicy and a slightly salty  flavor! Originally from the Isle of Krim on the Black Sea!

Just a few Tomato's I have been picking! I have a few green ones! I broke a branch the other day! They will just have to ripen in a sunny location for now. Perhaps the green ones may become fried green tomato's!

Here is what I harvested in the past week! 

I'm very happy with my garden bounty this year! I just wish it would pump out more tomato's!

So far I have harvested 211 pounds of food! Not bad for a backyard gardener!
I am still waiting on potato's, tomittillos, black eyed peas and some peppers. I have gotten only a couple bowls of assorted peppers.

I hope your gardens are exploding!
 What are you harvesting?

Happy Gardening my friends!!!


  1. I've harvested around 20 winter squash, tons of cucumbers and zucchini, a few eggplant, lots of herbs, 30 pounds La Soda Red and Sierra Gold potatoes, 10 pounds of assorted varieties of garlic, lots of white and Walla Walla onions,strawberries and lots of Early Girl, SunGold and 4th of July tomatoes. In addition still to come are white corn, a whole bed of All Blue potatoes, Giant Pumpkins and lots of heirloom tomatoes. I've starter plants of broccolli and cauliflower going as well as carrots. I need to start some lettuce and radishes.

  2. Wow Greg, you sound as busy as I am in the garden! I forgot about pumpkins and corn! I hope to start eating my corn soon!

  3. Wow!!! Really envy your harvest. I only have one dragon fruit, one cherry tomato and lots of bird's eye chillies. I shall have more stuff soon.

  4. You are growing so much great stuff - lots that I am growing too! Those tomatoes are beautiful.

  5. I don't see a single crack or split in any of your tomatoes!!?! How on earth do you do it. My Purple Cherokee and Black Krim split like crazy, even the Cherry has had a few. I use garden lime, eggshells, epsom salts and still...


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