Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~Tomato Tuesday~

I can never get enough of Tomato's!
Am I boring you yet with all my Tomato talk?
Who really gets sick of Tomato's anyway?

Today I decided to show you a couple more profiles of some Tomato's that came from my garden.

First up! The Pink Brandywine.

The Pink Brandywine is an Heirloom Tomato! They are Red with green shoulders. The leaves of this plant look like a potato plant. These tomato's get very large.

The flavor is a sweet tomato that is wonderfully acidity. 
Look how juicy and meaty this tomato is. Hardly any seeds! 

Next I have one of my favorite cherry Tomato's. It is called a Black Cherry Tomato!

I love the almost burgundy color of this little gem. 
It is a rich tomato with a robust flavor.
My Black Cherry Tomato plant gives me very high yields, I am picking a couple handfuls daily. 
I love just popping this one in my mouth! I can eat these babies all day! They make a yummy Pico De Gallo.
Its alot of cutting but worth it.

Here are a few of my Tomato harvests and some new Tomato's I am trying this year. Some are finally ripe enough to pick. Cali weather has been a little cooler then normal. Until now, we are back to triple digits this week. If you are a Tomato grower, you are very happy to have the heat, I know I am!

These are the Tomato's that were supposed to be Pineapple Heirloom tomato's. The Pineapple Heirlooms I have seen are not this small. They are a yellowish orange and don't get too much bigger then a Roma. Any idea what they may be?

 I loved the name and I just had to try it! These are Yellow. I haven't tried it yet! Maybe tonight. I am hoping to get enough to can some yellow salsa. We shall see.

These are just a couple of pictures from a harvest over the weekend.

Now that it is warmer I am hoping to get a nice haul  of tomato's in the next week or so, fingers crossed!

How are your Tomato's treating you?
Whats been your biggest surprise this Tomato season?

Happy Tomato Picking my friends!!!! 


  1. I want to try the black cherry next year. Those tomatoes look so yummy!

  2. Those tomatoes look just beautiful.. I will bring the basil :-) XO ~vagablonde515

  3. Wow! So many varieties! I only have cherry tomatoes growing.

  4. I love your different varieties oftomatoes. I really love to try the black cherry tomatoes next summer since they really need heat. I only have cherry tomatoes and Pink Brandywine. They are all doing great and growing enormously.

  5. Wow. You got a lot of varieties of tomatoes! I also have heirloom and some cherry tomatoes but I wanna try those black cherry tomatoes! They look really tasty! I really wanna try it! LOL. Your heirloom tomatoes look delicious by the way~!


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