Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tomato Overload!!!

Tomato's are still going strong in my backyard garden!
Although Tomato's, Peppers and Herbs are about all I am harvesting. This years Tomato season has been FABULOUS! Things are starting to slow down, I am down to 1 basket full every other day or so. I do believe I will have Tomato's till November at least.

 To be honest, I am running out of ideas and canning recipes! Can you help?

This picture is from this week. My Tomato's are all growing together. No signs of slowing down.

I picked a basket load today!

I put the green ones out to finish ripening. I pulled this plant out of the ground today. These will be Pink Brandywines. The plant was looking pretty sad.

I am in search of ideas of what I will use the Tomato's for. I do not need anymore sauce or canned Tomato's. Ideas!!!

This is my bowl of Tomato's I have been waiting to fully ripen. Looks like most are ready.

A few Bell Peppers and other hot Peppers. I will be using some of the hot ones in my Salsa Verde.

Tomatillos , mine got off to a late start this year. But they are coming in strong now. I have about 8 pounds in this basket. So I will be canning Salsa Verde this week.

I have even dehydrated some of my Tomato's for the winter and to snack on. I love all the different colors, reminds me of fall. If fall ever gets here! I am starting to freeze Tomato's too, I am getting a little tired of canning them. I have 6 cases of Tomato product that I have already canned.

This is a spicy salsa that I have made. We use it for Football and Basketball game days. We love our chips and salsa!

Some Marinara I have made. I also have made Pizza sauce and some Soup as well.

My freezer even has Tomato's! These are some diced Black Krims for some future recipe that calls for Tomato's this winter.

How have you used your Tomato's? 
I am in need of ideas. I am making some Tomato Jam but am looking for a spicy recipe, anyone have one they want to share. 
I have about 30 pounds of Tomato's to still use! 

Happy Gardening!!!


  1. It would have been hard to believe you have these many tomatoes if not for the photos. :) They come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Very beautiful. You are in need of ideas? You are the one with all the ideas. Thank you for sharing but I don't have enough to do anything. :)

  2. Hellow!

    I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.

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    Thank you!

  3. I'm so glad they were in abundance somewhere, Jenn. SO missed my tomatoes this season!!

  4. I don't know what to tell you about more tomato do more things with tomatoes than anybody I know. Maybe you could give them to the food pantry...anyways, they are beautiful!

  5. wow really nice tomatoes indeed. i love fresh verggies, i want to start my own vegetable garden for a long time already but i think your post made me convinced! greetings ixult


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