Friday, February 18, 2011

Greenhouse seed starting

A greenhouse allows me to start growing year round! I do grow alot of things year round already!
 A greenhouse will allow me to extend the season on most things I grow! 
It may even be possible, that I could be eating Tomato's in December or January! 
That gets me really excited!

I have already started seeds in my greenhouse! I wasted no time getting started.

I love using these large flats to start lettuces and greens. Once my lettuces are about 2 inches tall, I transplant out to the big garden.

Here is how I plant in large flats.

I use weed mesh to line the bottom of my flats,so none of my soil falls through the cracks. I reuse the pieces until they start to get holes and can't be used anymore.

I add my seed starting mix to the flat and then moisten the soil before I sow my seeds.

These are the seeds I will be sowing. Some Chard, Lettuce Blend, Arugula, Sweet Greens & Reds along with some Bloomsdale Spinach. 

I sprinkle the seeds in sections, this way I have an idea of what is growing wear.

You can see the different seeds in the soil. I sprinkle a layer of soil across the top of the seeds and spray a mist of water over the top.

 I am trying a new type of growing container this year. Every year I like to see what's new.
I am trying Planters Pride Fiber Grow containers. They are fully Biodegradable which I love! I am always in search of items to use in my Organic garden.

 I will be starting Alpine Strawberries from seed in Fiber Grow Strips. 

I will keep you posted on how they work out! I just added seed started mix and seeds and watered.

The Alpine Strawberry seeds were very tiny. I used tweezers to sow the seeds. I did 5 seeds per pot. 
I have never grown them before. So I figured, I would  sow 5 seeds cross my fingers and hope for the best!
I will keep you updated on the process of starting Strawberries from seed.

I also started some Cilantro. 

Cilantro should sprout pretty quick. I use a ton of cilantro. I will be starting Cilantro every couple weeks. I have noticed that I have a few rouge Cilantro plants popping up in the main garden. 

At least Cilantro seeds are a little bigger, no tweezers required for this seed. I put 4 seeds in each pot. They will go outside as soon as they are a couple feet tall.

My first greenhouse seed sow!

I am so excited! Can you tell!
I will have many more greenhouse shares as time goes by. I am sure it will be alot of trial and error as I get used to the temps in the greenhouse. I hope you are all ready for a fun new journey in the greenhouse!

Do you grow in a greenhouse?
What are some of your tips for starting seeds?

Happy Gardening Friends!!!


  1. On my way to the basement to start the broccoli this morning! I love your step-by-step, really nice instruction.

  2. Thanks Xan! I love Broccoli! Mine is off to a great start! Thanks for the nice comment!

  3. What a great tip using landscape fabric in your flats. I must try it. Glad to see you are loving your new greenhouse. Nothing better than getting a head start on the season.

  4. We need to be working on getting some seeds started. With our shorter MT growing season we need all the head start we can get. No greenhouse yet, but hopefully sometime in the near future.


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