Monday, June 6, 2011

When Sourdough goes stale!

We are all guilty of buying or baking bread and not eating it fast enough!
 I love fresh bread! It amazes me with all the people living in our house that bread actually goes stale!

This wonderful loaf of sourdough I am sad to say got a little to hard for us to eat!
Instead of letting it go to waste, I decided I would make homemade crutons. Crutons will go well with all the lettuce we have been harvesting  from the garden.

Making crutons is very easy. You can do many flavor profiles. I made garlic and black pepper crutons.

First, cut up the bread to the size crutons you like to eat.

I then drizzled olive oil over my cut pieces. 
Using my hands, I mixed all the pieces together to evenly coat the bread. 

I then sprinkle garlic powder, crushed black pepper and parsley flakes over the cubes. I use my hands again to make sure each cube is coated.

I cook the cubes in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. After the first 20 minutes I stir the cubes and check the texture. I then cook them for an additional 20 minutes. By now they should be toasted and crispy.

I let them sit for about an hour until they are completely cooled off. I store my crutons in mason jars.
 I also use these to coat chicken pieces for baking. Just toss what you need in a food processor and grind! My kiddos love to just grab a handful as a snack. They are good. We also make a garlic and parmesan flavor.

How do you use stale bread?

Happy Cooking!!!


  1. great ideas Jenn. My husband loves to bake sourdough and the crutons are a wonderful idea!

  2. I make homemade croutons all the time! We are quite poor so whatever free stuff we get, we stretch it and find ways to use it. One of my mom's friends always brings loaves of bread from his church and sometimes it is a couple of days old, so instead of tossing it, I make croutons. I usually make double or triple batches and grind half for bread crumbs. :) I actually prefer homemade croutons over store bought ones! They make a yummy snack too.

  3. Vagablonde, I cant wait to eat a meal made by you! All your food pics always look delish!

    Romi, I totally hear you on making food stretch and not waisting! I have for kids, I waste nothing! I agree, homemade crutons are way better then store bought!


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