Monday, July 18, 2011

Disneyland fun and Flowers!


The happiest place on earth!!! 

Even the ducks bring their family's for some fun!

Miss Kyla and I just recently spent a week in Southern California! We took this trip with 4 of her cousins and 2 aunts from Montana! It was an all girls week! It was a jam packed Disneyland vacation. We visited both parks. We spent a day in Disney California and the rest of our time in Disneyland! We had tons of fun! 

Here we are with Mickey Mouse!

I of course couldn't help checking out all of the plants, flowers and trees they had growing! I took a few pics when I remembered, of some of what Disneyland has growing on in their parks!

I love the look of this tree! From what I understand it is called "The Family Jewel's Tree"

Lots of hanging containers throughout the park! Love these Petunias! See the castle in the background!

There were so many different container gardens throughout the park, this was one of my favorites!

Even my lil one took some time to smell the flowers!

Disney California had a lot of California native plants. I love all the different plants showcased through out the park.

More native plants and blooms!

Here is one of the archways in Critter Country!

I love the pots they created in Pooh's Corner. The orange pots look like the bottoms of carrots. I didn't realize how much sun was in this picture. But they are growing carrots in these pots, so they look like huge carrots!

We also met a Storm-trooper in our Disney adventure!

Also R2D2 on the ride Star Tours! We are big Star Wars fans.

Here we are on the Little Mermaid Ride!

We were even captured by the monster Sully from Monsters Inc.

We had a great trip!

What trips have you taken this summer?


  1. what a beautiful memory. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I just love Disney.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I don't know if Ben would like it though...he doesn't like people in big costumes! lol.

  3. The plant you called "The Family Jewel's Tree" is a form of milkweed, some call it "Hairy Balls" plant. I'm not making that up :)

  4. It's my wish to visit disneyland one day. I love your photo with Mickey mouse. Also, I love that huge "The family Jewel's tree".

    Lisa from video-guitar-lessons-personal-teacher


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