Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Seed Grow! Marigolds are not in my future!

Wow... Another month has passed already! 
It is that time again to do another Seed Grow post!

I am loving the Garden Babies lettuce! I love the small heads of lettuce it produces. One head of garden babies is enough for a one person salad.

Although as the summer gets hotter, they are starting to bolt! I have moved them to a shady spot under the Fig tree!

My Cameo Basil is finally starting to have more leaves. They are still really small and I planted the Basil with some

As for my Summer splash Marigolds, they are no more. I am not really sure what happened. I have started more in a couple containers. Placing them in different areas of my yard! I hope it works out better for me this time! I tend to have more difficulties growing flowers! I had a good start. When we came back from camping the whole container was empty! I suppose something ate them and they really enjoyed them!

How is your Seed Grow project going?
What are you having better success with?

I am participating the Seed Grow project! Thanks to Renee's Garden for the seeds!


  1. My lettuce is getting close to eating time too...not bolting yet, but I am watching it closely. I am thinking I might pick one tomorrow and eat. That's too bad about your marigolds. Hopefully the 2nd try will take.

  2. hmmm. the post just ate my comment!! LOL

    I rotate the lettuces by pulling up the whole plant and then seeding the same spot. We have continuous fresh plants in various stages all summer long, prevents bolting, & can also prevent the bitterness of older plants in some varieties.

    Your basil looks great! Just added some of ours to dinner tonight. What could be better? =)

  3. I'm horribly late for commenting on July's SeedGROW posts, but since tomorrow is the 2nd, I'd figured it would be a good reminder that Augusts posts are coming up. Can't wait for the latest installment of your SeedGROW saga. Sorry about the marigolds I had a garden disaster with mine and tried to restart some here, but dunno if I'll get blooms. Although, I'm jealous of your lettuces.



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