Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Peeking in...

As I peek into my ever so neglected blog! I'm glad to see that the "ol" blog is still here!
I have been without a computer until now!!! YAY! All I have had is my trusty smart phone which is too smart for me. I could not figure out how to blog from my phone. I certainly have missed blogging about my garden and cooking. I am so glad to see all the blogs I love are still up and kicking!

It has been very cold here in Sacramento. A little too cold for me! 
So far in my garden, I am growing Onions, Garlic, Red Cabbage and some lettuces.
I'm looking forward to starting seeds and getting spring growing into action. I miss toiling in the soil, no matter how cold it is.

On these cold nights, I have been sifting through seed catalogs and garden books. Some days I am digging through seeds trying to decide what I will be planting this year. Planning out my garden space and wondering how much grass does the dog really need!

How are you prepping for spring time gardening?
What seeds are you dreaming of planting?

Happy Gardening Friends!!!

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