Monday, February 11, 2013

~Eco Monday~

Pallets Pallets Pallets..... They are everywhere! 

The uses I have seen for pallets are amazing!
Even I use them for different things in my garden. 

Pallet Compost Bin

I use them in my greenhouse as a floor. They are useful for making raised garden beds. I have even built a composting bin with them! 

My latest Pallet creation was for a Home and Landscaping show here in Sacramento. I was show casing different ways to grow a garden. Gardens can be grown pretty much anywhere and in most things. It is all about creativity! 

Most people think recycling pallets may not always be a great idea. They are worried about what the wood may be treated with and or what products may have leached onto the pallet. 
To these people I say, don't use pallets if that is a concern for you.
You can always pressure wash your pallets and try to make them as clean as possible.
 You can even spray them with some Eco friendly paint like I have below.

Pallet Herb Garden

With this pallet I wanted a bold color. Col-bolt Blue caught my eye as I was browsing Orchard Supply Hardware.
 The long window hanging baskets were also at Orchard Supply on clearance at just 3 bucks each, total score! I bought 10 of them in two sizes.
 As the gears in my head were rolling I thought these planter baskets would be perfect to screw onto the pallet. 
I spaced them far enough apart so the herbs and flowers would have plenty of room to grow. 

TA DA..... my Vertical Herb Garden was born.   

The next one I will make will be for Strawberries and loose leaf lettuces.
 One thing I love about this Vertical Pallet Garden, is that I can move it anywhere in my yard.
 The Pallet garden will be nice near my patio tables, also making a nice focal point when eating our summer meals in the backyard! Maybe even a conversation piece.

Have you used pallets in your garden?
If so, how are you recycling them?
What are you using them for?

Happy Gardening Friends!!!

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  1. This is awesome! I have a stack of pallets in my yard and have been trying to figure out what to do with them ;) Vertical Herb Garden... but of course! Thanks!


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