Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chowmein & Springrolls

Tonight the kids and I made our version of Chowmein & Springrolls. We just browned some ground beef and added a lil garlic, salt, pepper,red pepper flakes, soy sauce and some 5 spice. Then we added carrotts, french green beans, mushrooms, yellow squash, califlower, onion and asparugus. Cooked veggies with the already cooked meat until they were tender. We boiled some angel hair pasta and added it to our meat and veggies. Garnished with chopped scallions! We cooked up our homemade springrolls and walla! Dinner is served! Kids chowed it down. Made with lots of veggies and its cheap! Love when you can pull things out of the cuboard and fridge & make a delicious healthy meal. When you have 4 kids, new food ideas are a must. We will be adding this to our family cookbook. I love the dinners where everything gets eaten and there are no leftovers for the kids to fight over the next day :)

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