Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stampin & Scrapbooking

I love to stamp/scrapbook! Its one of my hobbies outside cooking and gardening. My mom and I love to do this. Its what we do to relax and be as creative as we want to be! Skies the limit when you are being creative. Weve done so many differnt things and made so many cute items. We make all our own occasion cards and invitations! Currently I am working on cookbooks for my kids with recipes and pictures of the food and them helping me in the kitchen in a scrapbook form. Something they will have forever. Im excitied to see how they will turn out. Im still working on my gardening scrapbook, thats forever ongoing, lol. Here is a sample of some cards my Mom and I have made using our fall sets (pumpkins, sunflowers and leaves) Im also posting some with Butterflies! We have so much fun together and its memories I will always cherish of my mother. I will post more periodicly. I have lots of pics of the stuff we have done and made.


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