Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chickens in The Garden!

I love my Chickens! They are about 4 months old now. Ive got 1 Rooster and 2 Hens! My Rooster is  discovering his cockle doodle doooo! He sounds like the episode when Bobby Brady is going through Pubirty! He is funny to listen too. My fat Red Hen is a food hog! She is mean to the Rooster and takes all the worms. My Tan Hen is laid back, calm and cool. Ive been letting them wander the yard and learned fast that they love my Garden. So we put a little fence around my Garden to keep em out. Unfortunitly they destroyed 2 Tomatoe plants in the process. The upside, they make great fertilizer. Which I use in a Tea Bag Method. Its great for the Garden! I cant wait till the Hens start laying eggs! Fresh Eggs are the best! Im not very experienced in chickens, but learning along the way! I just enjoy watching them do there daily thing, no worries! Thats the life!

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  1. Your garden looks very pretty, (I hope mine will one day :-) and you're cooking looks great! love the chooks..


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