Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Green horned Worms!

OMG!!! So yesterday, I found the nastiest green horned worm ever! He is the biggest one ive ever seen. I almost missed him. I thought he was part of the tomatoe vine. But I got him and feed him to the chickens! My Big Fat Red Hen and My Rooster fought for it! The Fat Hen won. Shes was cackling up a storm! She was happy! Needless to say, I spent the next 2 hours on a Green Horned Worm hunt. That was the only one I found, so far. It is much harder to keep the critters out of an Organic Garden! Thank God for the Chickens, I love them so!

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  1. That is one big MOMMA of a worm! I know I have them somewhere. Haven't found one yet, but I've seen evidence of them. No roosters in my yard Jenn, but I know that the normal, everyday, bird in the backyard, loves them.


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