Sunday, July 5, 2009


Finally! Tomatoes are hitting my kitchen daily! Which makes me so happy! We've been eating them off the vine! I have also been making many things with tomatoes. We have had them on sandwiches, made salsas, cooked them with squash and onion and so many other things! Theres just something about a fresh tomatoe! Im growing so many this year, more then I have ever grown before! Currently we are getting Early girl, Big boy, Sweet 100 cherry and My favorite Yellow Pear tomatoes! I have tons of Roma's, they are still green. Im still waiting on the tomitillos and the Brandywines. Next year I want to grow new types, any suggestions on your faves! I was hoping to can tomatoes this year, but they are not lasting long enough for that. By far the familys favorite Tomato recipe is the fresh Pico De Gallo. Which I am using 2 types of tomatoes. The Yellow Pear and the Early Girl! Happy Tomato Eating and Enjoy!


  1. Do you mind posting up your Pico De Gallo recipe? I would love to see it.


  2. Hi Bill,
    Here it is!

    Pico De Gallo

    I used about:
    30 Yellow Pear Tomatoes
    4 Early Girl
    6 Cloves Garlic (we are big Garlic eaters)
    8 Jalepenos
    10 Scallions
    Half a Red Onion
    Cilantro ( however much you like for flavor) I use about half a bushal
    Kosher Salt and Black Pepper to tast
    I hand chop everything!
    Jalepenos you can use more or less! It taste so good with fresh stuff from the garden. Hope you like. Do you have a recipe you use!


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