Friday, July 31, 2009

~ Recycled Bicycle Tires, In the Garden ~

For those of you who know me, Im always trying to Recycle or Reuse what I have. Today I was cleaning the back Patio and the Hubby and the Kids had done some repairs on their bikes and left Mommy the mess! I know I was shocked too, Not! As I was cleaning I noticed the 2 Bicycle tubes on the ground looking to be resirected. I was rackimg my Brain as to what I was going to use those for. As I was headed to the shed to put them in the Recycle bucket for future use. I noticed my Brandywine Tomato plant leaning. Hmmmmmm, what to do. Went to my pile of wood stakes that I recycled from an old bed frame, and grabbed a couple. Got them into the dirt good and deep. Then I went to get my Gardener's Twine, and had none. Then I thought to myself, what do I have that I can use. AH HA!

The Bicycle Tubes.I cut them in to differnt lengths and strips. tied the tomatoe cage to the wooden stakes. It felt Secure and looked secure. So I decided to secure a Cucumber plant as well.

Then I remebered my Garden Fence was falling apart, so I used the strips on my Garden Gate to secure it back to the pole. I think Recycling is the way to go for Gardners on a budget. I happy to call myself "The Recycling Gardener


  1. Jenn: First time here at your blog. Looks like you've got quite a garden going. Love the food shots, 'cept it's too close do dinner time and I'm tempted to lick my monitor screen. Good to have met you at Twitter.

  2. Thanks for stopping bye! Im glad to have meet you too! lol, You can lick the monitor, T.V. screen is mine!


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