Monday, August 17, 2009

My Grandmas Summer Patio and Backyard

These are some Pictures of my Grandmas Garden and Summer room! She is a collector of all things Vintage. I enjoy seeing all of her decorative ideas. Its gives me inspiration. Sitting in her Summer room and eating an afternoon lunch is such a wonderful experience.
I love hearing about her days back in Nebraska. Enjoy!
Welcome sign

I love seeing personal Gardens! I enjoy seeing others personal taste and how they display their Garden Delights! Gardens are a home away from home!

Follow the sign

Summer Room

Her collection of crocks

Old Posts from Victorian Homes

Old Hose Nozzles

Flower Frogs

Planters made buckets that held milk

Forgotten Corner

Chair Planter

Birdhouses and such

Flower that are always in bloom


  1. Nice post. I like old architectural pieces used as decoration.

  2. Me too! It just gives it a look that its always been there!


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