Saturday, August 15, 2009

Presents for the Garden!

What a wonderful day! I enjoyed a morning with my grandparents at thier backyard Antique sale for their shop, The Homestead. Heres some of the great treasures I aquired!

Water feeder for my Chickens

Feeder for my Chickens

A cute little stand for my Herbs

Another cute stand for my plants

My new Garden table and chairs
Super Cute egg tray with salt & pepper shakers

Sugar & Creamer
Veggie Salt & Pepper Shakers
Im going to use them as Garden Markers
I will post more pics in a future blog of all her gardening ideas!
There are some really cute ideas, I cant wait to share them with you.


  1. Wonderful garden presents! It is always good to get new garden stuff!

  2. What a nice blog !

    I am Diana, an organic gardener from Ohio.
    I am following your blog with mine now as I like to stay in touch with other organically minded folks ;)

    I was looking at your photos and I love them !
    I even have the same old tea cart - the one you have in the photos with 3 shelves and pretty pots.
    I got it, and a bunch of other wonderful things, after my Grandma died and I bought her house.
    I love being in her house - it brings back so many wonderful memories :)

    Do you twitter ?
    Here's mine:

    Well, I need to get to work now.
    Have a good day !

    Organically Yours,

  3. Oh I love them all, but if I could only choose one what would it be....I can't decide, they are all so so lovely!

    PS they are the poshest chicken feeders I have ever seen, I never knew they existed in a glassy style. Very posh.

  4. They are pretty posh! I think im going to use the big glass one as a water source for my cats in the house!

    I dont want the chickens to break it!

  5. Jenn, Lucky! Those are all things I would love to have!

    The glass feeder is beautiful - I agree that you'll enjoy it more in the house.

  6. Aww those presents are very cute. May well invest in them after doing up my garden - I love gardening learnt so much abt it in the past couple of the weeks from tips shared by the send a cow charity. Would recommend having a look .. :)


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