Tuesday, September 1, 2009

~Dehydrating Garden delights~

The Peppers in my garden are in great abundance! So I have been drying them like crazy. I will use them in chillis, enchiladas,soups & jalepeno corn bread.

This pepper is called The Hungarian Hot Wax. its a hot one. This is one I use in homemade chilli and chicken tortilla soup.

This tray has a few varities. There is Pablano Chillis which I will use in most of Mexican meals. Green Bell Pepper, I use in alot of things, spaghetti & lasagna. Theres also a sweet Mexican chili, I cant remeber the name. Theres also a couple Pepperchinnis. I have never dried those before, so this will be a first.

These bad boys are Cheyanne Peppers. I will be grinding these up in a coffee grinder. I use these once grinded,in chilli , soups & just to add spice to a recipe that needs kick.

Jalepenos!!! My favorite go to Pepper! I mostly use these fresh in salsa or Pickle them for future use. When dried I use them for Jalepeno corn bread. One of my favorite things with chilli and soup.

Heres how they look once they are dried. As they were drying, made the house smell so good! Peppers are one of my favorite things to grow in my garden. I love the colors and the shine. My Pepper garden is my version of a flower garden!


  1. I normally freeze my green peppers. The hot ones I'm growing are for my son, and I'm worried about handling them. He hasn't had time to freeze them, and I told him I'd try, but I'm not getting mine done. I've never dried peppers. Yours look great dried.

  2. I don't have the opportunity to dry veggies,... since all are consumed or given away. Thanks for sharing.... ~bangchik


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