Monday, August 31, 2009

Zuchini here, Zuchini there, Zuchini is everywhere...

Its near the end of growing season, but the Zuchini are in full force in my garden. Im getting 3-4 daily.I can only give so much away. Most of my family and friends are on Zuchini overload. Not me I love it, and I refuse to throw my hard work away. So whats a gardener to do?
Freeze it is the answer that comes to mind! By winter my family will be wishing we had some. I cut up a few of the big ones I had and tossed them into the food processer. I grated those bad boys up for future baking.
I bagged them up into 2cups per freezer bag, and tossed those babies into the freezer! Guess what family & Friends, you are all getting Zuchini Bread for Christmas!


  1. I love your blog! I didnt grow zuchini this year. But I do miss the bread! First time here.

  2. Im glad you stopped by! Im on my way to check out your blog!


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