Friday, August 28, 2009

Climbing the fence and into the tree for Crab Apples

Today, We climbed a ladder and stood on a fence and picked Crab Apples! My son the daredevil was quick to offer his services. He loves to climb trees. As he scaled the fence and into the tree, he picked the Crab Apples. He said to me, I didnt even know we could eat these!
My Little one stood on the ladder as I supervised closely, to collect the Crab Apples.
Her job was most important! She had to put the Crab Apples into the basket. She wanted to be on the fence too! That was so NOT happening!
We got about 15 Crab Apples into this basket. Should be enough to make some Crab Apple Jelly. Which we will make this weekend.
Even are Chickens enjoyed a Crab Apple feast! They got all the Crab Apples with worms and holes. They clucked happily as they tore those Crab Apples apart! One of my hens kept taking them and running away. I should have named her greedy, she never wants to share! I can still hear them clucking away!
We have had a fun Afternoon! We also got some Figs from the Fig tree!
Not too many, maybe more next year! I will add these with the Sugar plums and make some Jelly!
Happy Gardening!

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  1. How cute! You were generous to let him stand on the fence. I wouldn't Your crab apples are much bigger than the ones I got. The ones I picked look like cherries, but I guess there are a lot of different kinds. Looks great!


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