Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year & A look at whats growing in the Garden...

Happy New Year to all of my Friends and fellow Bloggers!

I thought I would just post a few pics of whats happening in the Winter Garden! Not too much going on but enough to hold me over till summer time!


The Lettuce is growing nicely!

Swiss Chard is looking nice! Harvested some for a salad, super yummy!

Red Onion growing very well.

Fennyl, growing nicely from what went to seed over the summer!

Bok Choy, It doesnt look so good! But the flowers are pretty!

Celery Is bright green and looking nice! Cant wait to harvest the celery and dry the leaves for soups.

Im not sure what these are, but they pop up everywhere in the winter months throughout my yard. Very pretty though.

Happy Gardening my Friends!


  1. I have to laugh at the difference between winter here and winter where you live. Winter in Iowa is snow, ice, cold...everything is dead unless it is inside somewhere. We have only been above 20 degrees once in the last few weeks. I really would love to have some veggies growing like you have. My son got me an herb growing kit, I'm going to do it tomorrow. Would love to see the ground again. Have fun with your veggies!

  2. Interestingly, those are plants we grew a couple of months ago.... and will soon grow again! ~bangchik

  3. Your garden pictures are like a breath of fresh air! Here in Oklahoma we're having single digit temperatures and windchill factors below zero, most schools have been closed for several days. First we had a Christmas Eve Blizzard , followed by more snow. BRRRRRRR! Enjoy your winter garden.

  4. Happy New year to you and your family.

    There is so much snow here that I have not been to the plot since Christmas eve. I am so envious that you have salad leaves.

  5. Where do you live? I would give anything to have a winter garden -- but it has been hovering just above zero here in Colorado lately. Sigh. I bought a patio greenhouse set-up and will just have to settle for starting some spring seeds a little early there.

  6. The luck of living in California! Its 46 degrees tonight! I will think of all of you and wish that you were Gardening with me! Soon we will all be up to our eyeballs in Summer Gardening! Happy Gardening Dreams!

  7. Yes, I was thinking you were in California. I love your lettuce and such. They are my favorite veggies to grow. I think your mystery plant may be arum. I did a post on mine awhile back. I'm thinking I've read that can be invasive, but it's not where I live. Does yours get berry looking stalks that start out greenish, then turn reddish?

  8. Sue
    They do start out looking Berry looking stalks. They only come around in fall/winter. Im going to dig them up and put them in one place in my yard!


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