Thursday, January 14, 2010

Honest Scrap meets my Honest Crap!

Hello Friends! It seems I am the latest victim to be hit with the Honest Scrap Award!
I am honered, I think, lol.

My pal Daniel ( @cityslipper) from Twitter has bestowed this joyous piece of scrap my way! He has a great and very useful blog called Your Small Kitchen Garden Check it out! He has a great Love affair for Squash!

Recipients of the Honest Scrap award are supposed to reveal ten truths about themselves, and then extend the award to seven other bloggers. Of course I have to except this challenge and share with all my friends!

Most of you already know I love to Garden, Preserve and Cook my own foods from my Garden! So let me share what you may not know! Are you ready to dive into the mind of a Mom who wears many hats! My story goes as follows...........

I have lived in California all my life and in the same general area since birth. Recently my hubby has said we will be making a move to West Virginia in the next few years! I hear its cold there and it snows! Should be intresting! My first question was, how long is the growing season, lol.

I had my first child when I was 18, my second at 20 and a third at 21. I was 29 when I had my fourth child after being told I would never have children again. Miracles do happen! My hubby and I have 3 girls and 1 boy. There names are Lindsey(17), Hannah(15), David(14)& Kyla(6). I was a very young mom and learned everything the hard way! I wouldnt change it for the world, they are my life and bring me inspiration in some form or another on a daily basis. Ive been married 15 years and we have known each other for 21 years. We have been in each others life more then half our lives. The best part we still like each other and love each other deeply.

After my third child I went back and graduated High School and then went to college! I got a degree in nursing and worked in Labor and Delivery and Surgery. I assisted the Dr in surgical procedures and I never had a dull day at work. Blood and guts are always intresting and the Human Body is a wonderous thing to learn about! My ultimate goal was to do Pathology and autopsys. I like gross and morbid. I liked the mystery of learning how the body failed or learning how a person lost life. How the human body works and adapts just fascinates me.

As my career got started I became pregnant with my miracle. She was 4 pounds when she was born. She fought hard for her place in this world and continues to fight. At 9 months old she was at failure to thrive. She wasnt growing or gaining weight and the Dr's started searching for answers. When she was 2, we recieved answers after she had a stroke and developed 3 blood clots in the Thalmus of her brain. They resesitated her twice. We almost lost her!They said they didnt think she would ever walk again! A week later she walked! Her body chemistry didnt turn out so well. She doesnt retain Iron or Protien, has Celiac Disease and a small case of Khrones Disease. For a year we injected meds into her twice a day and the clots went away. She has Brain scans 2 times a year. She has made a full recovery and folks cant even tell she ever struggled! She is my Miracle!
After my daughter became ill I started caring more about what went into my families bodys and looking for ways for them to be healthier and eat better. Celiac disease is tricky and a special diet helps them tolerate food better. We try very hard to eat Gluton free. This started my path into growing and preserving my own food and eating grass fed beef etc.I have researched so many things to help her be healthy and it has also helped the rest of my family.

Here is some intresting factoids about me: I love Rock music and some metal. Im very big into the 80's hairbands era. Motley Crue and Poison were my favorite bands. Im also a huge fan of The Grateful Dead. The Greatful Dead was my first concert at 7. I recently saw them on mothers day without Jerry Garcia obviosly, they are now just called The Dead! I have seen 13 shows throughout my life. I have 22 records of the grateful dead that I will never get rid of and collect anything related to The Grateful Dead. I love listening to them while gardening!

My father was a Gold Miner and mined for gold in Forrest Hill area. Him and my Uncle had a claim and I spent every summer until High school there with him. He taught me to live of the land, build shelter, fish, garden and pan for gold. He also taught me how to shoot a shotgun for hunting. The first time I shot a shotgun, I dislocated my shoulder. I didnt hold it properly and it was a lesson I only needed to learn once, lol...

I Garden before I clean my house. My house is never clean, its definitly lived in! I dont do laundry, hubby does it all and I put it away! Im one of those people who will hide all the crap in a spare room to make the one part of the house clean. I never put things where they belong! The cleaniest place in my house is my kitchen, because im in it 3 times a day!

I love movies!!! I am a big Horror movie Fanatic, I watch them all! I am a big fan of Rob Zombie Movies and his music. I like twisted! Im also a big Tim Burton fan. Love all his movies. I also like Black and Whites and subtitles! Im a big sucker for musicals. Rocky Horror Picture show Is my ultimate musical. I used to watch it when I was a kid, My mom and my aunt took me to see it at the theater when i was about 12 and it was amazing. We threw rice, toast, shot water guns for rain scenes and did the time warp in the aisles.As a kid it was amazing watching people dressed up on the stage copying the movie and all the props of the audiance. As a kid I had no idea of what the movie really was all about, As an young adult I got it, lol.

I love to be crafty and make things and Recycle stuff into useful things! I love making cards and scrapbooking. Although I havent finished any of my kids books yet, someday I will! I like being creative and I love to teach others what I am doing! I think thats why I started a blog! I have really enjoyed my blog and reading back over the year. I am greatful to all the friends and people I have met from blogging and twitter. The sharing of recipes and Garden tips that I have learned from all my bloggiful friends and I appreciate you and who you are!

I am currently awaiting surgery! A year ago I had a partial Hysterectomy. I kept my ovaries, so I wouldnt need Hormones. Recently They have found a mass on one of my ovaries. They will now remove my ovaries and put mesh in my stomach to push the 7 Hernias I have back in to place. After my Hysterectomy I didnt take time to heal, I resumed life like normal which caused all the Hernias! The upside is I will get a tummy tuck, due to the destruction happening in my tummy. They have caught this mass and destruction early and we are very optimistic! I am anxious, yet excitied to be better and start healing. After all Summer Gardening is vastly approaching, so I must be better!

Now it is time for me to toss the Honest Scrap award to 7 lucky folks! I have picked these seven people because in some way they have brought great Happiness, Inspiration and Friendship through blogging.


  1. Jenn,
    I am truly honoured to be on your Honest Scrap List. I am truly humbled. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

    I really enjoyed learning more about you. You like horror movies eh, just like moi. I like being scared a bit now and again. '28 Months later' is really good. I missed 'paranormal activity' at the movies though.

    Thank you so much for sharing the photo of your beautiful children, each with a gorgeous smile of their own.

    Warm wishes from your blogger friend.

  2. Hi Jenn,
    I enjoyed reading those things about you and your family. My 27 year old daughter has had eczema all over her body for several years, and was tested for allergies a year or so ago. She found out she is allergic to wheat, soy, and peanuts. She was too broken out for them to test all they wanted to, and she hasn't bothered to go back, and hasn't stopped eating wheat or soy. I keep telling her that her skin will probably clear up if she stops eating those things. She also goes in for cortisone shots a couple times a year, and her PA should stop letting her do that.

    I forgot I'm talking to someone who didn't give herself time to heal after her hysterectomy. It sounds like you plan to take better care of yourself this time. I just said a prayer for your healing.

    Thanks for thinking of me for the award. One of these days, I may write some personal things about myself, but I don't do the awards, because when I first started blogging someone I didn't know very well wanted to give me an award, and I didn't want to put a link to her blog, or try to figure out who to pass it to. Since telling her I don't do them, I have had to be consistent and not do any of them.

    Oh, and did you find out what gardening zone the area of West Virginia you are moving to? I love your dresser drawer planters!

  3. Sue,
    I understand the award issue! We would be moving to Fairmont West Virginia. Im not to sure what zone or where that is. My lil one gets exzema to when she eats what she is not supposed too.


  4. Hi Jenn
    Thanks for bestowing the award on me. I'm truly honored. I'm so glad you liked my post about my history too. Keep up the good work with both your blogs, and take care of yourself.


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