Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A sunny day in Winter Gardening!

The Sun is shinning bright in my neck of the woods here in Cali! I thought I would show you what I harvested today from my winter Garden!

My first Celery Stalk, Some Bunching Onions, Fennyl, Curled Parsley, Swiss Chard, Red Leaf Lettuce and Romaine

Red Leaf Lettuce

It still amazes me what one little seed can produce!

I was extreamly happy to find Bees hanging out in the garden! Its always a great thing to see those little guys!

Happy Gardening My Friends!!!


  1. Great harvest pics! Do you plant according to research on "companion planting" at all?

  2. How wonderful it is that you are harvesting garden goodies during January! Here in Oklahoma we're preparing for a winter ice/snow storm. I can't wait to plant our garden this spring!


  3. I am so jealous. Everything is so green in all of your pictures! Nothing is growing in Illinois, and all is frozen. Even the plants on my windowsill at work are doing poorly. Today it was 12 degrees Farenheit with a windchill of 5 below. You are growing some beautiful plants. It makes me nostalgic for summer.

  4. Christina
    This is going to be my first year companion planting! Im mostly veggies and very few flowers. Im going to be braver this year and take on flowers for extra bees in the garden.

    It is nice to not have snow in my neck of the woods. We have had rain for a week. But today the sun exploded nice and bright over the garden and I had to jump into the mudd and harvest anything I could find. It put a smile on my face forsure

    Awe! Frozen is no fun!!! But you got the cutest lil weed growing right in front of you! Your lil man is simply adorable. I hope summer gets to you sooner then later!

    Thanks for all the great comments!

  5. Hey Jenn,

    You know what the size of my yard. I am look for ideas for planting this spring. My yard area reaches very hot temperatures during the summer, probably 100-110 pretty regularly. We've been using the side area for composting. Just dug holes really and then we throw in our left over veggies, fruits and coffee grounds and then recover it as it gets full. Anyway, what can I do that will both feed our family and survive the summer heat. I'm looking for a combo of function and beauty.

  6. Anonymous,
    What veggies does your family like? Thats a good place to start. If you havent had a veggie garden before you want to start off with what you can handle and maintain! You could even consider theme gardening. Such as a pizza garden. Grow a couple of tomato plants (tomatos that you like with a high yeild) some Basil, Onion, Bell Peppers, Chives and even add some Jalepenos. Other easy things to grow are Zuchini,Squash and lettuces. But if the area is super hot your lettuces might need some shade! Then you can add some flowers to attract bees. Sunflowers,Bachelor buttons,Lavander,Borage which is also an herb, but has many little flowers & Marigolds. You could also do a section of herbs which adds pretty landscaping to areas and you could always have fresh herbs for cooking!Companion planting is a fun way to incorperate veggies and flowers! Im fairly new to this concept, but it does work! Good luck! Im always happy to help a future gardener!

    Happy Gardening!

  7. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  8. Thanks for stoping by my blog and leaving a comment! I hope you continue to visit! Hope we chat again soon!

    Happy Gardening!


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