Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Mystery that is my yard! Can you help me solve it?

I have lived in my house about 16 years! Alot of the Trees and Shrubs in my side yard were here when we moved in! As time has passed and I have learned more and more about gardening, I have been curious as to the names of the Nature that grows araound me! So my Quest today, is to know what is growing? Im looking to all of my wonderful Gardening friends and fellow bloggers to help me out? If you could tell me the names and the proper care of what grows around me, I would be so happy!

Here we go with picture # 1

This tree/shrub used to be taller! We cut it down to the ground a couple of years ago when we turned our front yard into a drought free yard!

Picture #2

This shrub is in a corner in my backyard! Someone told me once what it was, but i didnt write it down. In the spring it has all these pretty Red flowers and some times 1 inch little seed looking pods that grow on the plant, but very rarely!

Picture #3

This grows in the front of our house between 2 windows! Sometimes the leaves turn red. We prune it back a couple times a year. Otherwise it grows real tall and out of control. It also doesnt need much water. We actually never water it. It onlt gets water when it rains!

Picture #4

These small purple looking berrys grow on this tree. They never get any bigger then this! This tree is on the side of the house and is in the shade!

Picture #5

This shrub grows in the midst of a bunch of small trees and bushes. Theres a little burgandy looking pod and then a red round looking berry pops out of the pod! This also grows in the shade!

Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts as to what kind of Trees and Shrubs these might be? Any help identifying them would be great! Thanks for all your help in advance.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Feijoa - Pinapple Guava is what I beleive your flowering tree to be!

  2. #3 looks like Photinia. Especially if it gets red leaves in the spring.

  3. Chris, Thanks for that info!

    Angela, I think you are right! Someone else told me that too!

    Im really curious to figure out number 4.

  4. I agree with Angela, that is Photinia, we have one in our backyard as well.


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