Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saving Seeds for the Future Garden

Heres a few pictures of seeds that I harvested from last summers growing season! This is the first year I have saved my own seeds! Im excitied to see if I have suceeded In harvesting my own seeds!

I harvested multiple Pepper seeds! Im calling them Mystery Peppers! I mixed then up in one basket by accident! So I am just going to grow them and see what I get! It will be fun trying to figure out what they may be! Here is what I grew last year! Hungarian Hot Wax, Cabanalle's, Serranos, Jalapeno and Cayenne!
So if I am correct thats what sould be growing! Guess we will have to wait and see.

Here is some Okra! I just dried out the pods and waited a couple of months and cut open the pods and dug out the seeds! I saved about 15 Okra pods.

By the time I finished, the jar in the background was half full! I have been giving them away to people who want to grow Okra!

These seeds are from Butternut Squash I grew! Made so many yummy meals using this squash! It is one of my favorites and it's a definite must for this years garden!

I also grew some White Pumpkins! These pumpkins made great tasting pies. I cant wait to grow these again!

Last but not least, Garlic Chives! I let about 40 flower and go to seed and dried them out! I will have lots of Garlic Chives to grow around my Tomatos this growing season!  Im so excitied to get started in the garden!

I harvested a few other seeds to! Some Honeydew and some Garlic that went to seed!

What seeds have you harvested? Tell me all about it and how you did it!

Happy Gardening!!!

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