Thursday, February 4, 2010

Im Seed crazy!

I think I have gone Seed crazy!
 Everywhere I go, seed racks are calling out to me! They say grow me!
 How can I refuse. Gardening is a wonderful and fun way to bring healthy foods into your home for your family! This year by far will be my largest Garden ever, and I am so excitied! By the end of summer I will have no lawn left! It will be all edible! I took a few pictures of the packets I already have on hand! I have more coming from Blogger/Twitter friends and a couple of catolog orders for those hard to find unique seeds! Enjoy my future bounty! I am salavating at the thought of summer.

We will start off with Tomatos!
Rainbow Heirloom mix
Red Lightning
Cherokee Purple
Yellow Pear
Super Sweet 100
Super Italian Paste
Mortgage Lifter
Not pictured and on their way to me are: Black Krim, Black Cherry, Mr Stripey & Pinapple. Oh, and Tomittillos for my salsa verde and green enchilada sauce!

These wonderful Veggies will go into a Raised garden bed!

Gourmet Blend Lettuce
Rocket Arugula
A few other items will go in with these veggies as well. I just havent decided what yet!

Cant forget the Bean and Peas Family!

Dragon Tounge Beans
Green Arrow Peas
Kentucky Wonder Green Beans
Bush Blue Lake
Sugar Anne
Veggie Tales Peas (my lil one had to have them)

Squash Family!

Early White Bush Scallop/Patty Pan
Black Beauty Eggplant
Walthman Butternut
Table Queen
Yellow Squash
Grey Zuchini

Raised Garden bed Delights!

Purple top White Globe Turnips
Early White Vienna Kohlrabi
Straight Eight Cucumbers
Cherry Belle Radishes
Hungarian Hot wax Peppers
Anahiem Chillies

I also have many more peppers on the way!

Herbs for the Herb garden and other areas of the garden.

Tokyo long White Bunching Onions
Common Sage
Italian Parsley
Garlic Chives

On the way I have Borage, and 3 Types of Basil!

Flowers will be added in multiple places to attract the Bees!
This is what I have so far:
Babys Breath

I also have a few other flowers on the way. I also Harvested a ton of sunflower seeds!

These are a few seeds I saved for the garden this year!

Garlic Chives
White Pumpkin
Butternut Squash

Not Shown is Sunflower seeds!

I also have Potatos on the way and I am sure I have forgotten a few others as well! I will update my other seeds as they get here and of course if anymore seed racks call to me, and I am sure they will!

What are you growing this season!
Im excitied to see what my fellow gardeners will be growing, keep me posted!

Happy Gardening My Friends!


  1. I want to order some heirloom tomato seeds for this year. Do you know a good company?

  2. I look for Heirlooms at my local nurserys!

    I also buy from Johnnys seeds
    Territorial Seed Co.
    Seed Savers

    You can also look for Hierlooms by

    Good places to start! Good luck John!

  3. You're not officially insane until you've filled up three VERY LARGE shoeboxes (that once held SIZE 13 BOOTS with seed that has been organized into various categories. OR -- until the seed collection in those three shoe boxes gets so large -- you have to separate seeds for all items into different shoeboxes. Not that I know anyone who does that....


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