Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting your garden seed on....Here's whats sprouting!

Artichokes! I finally got them big enough to plant outside!

There are 12 varities in this tray! They are off to a great start!
Here is whats growing.
Big Boy Tomato's
Black Cherry
Yellow Pear
Mortgage Lifter
Red Lightining
Cherokee Purple
Sweet 100
Black Krim
Italian Paste
Heirloom Mix
Tomitllos (purple)
San Marzano


These will go with my tomatos in the raised tomato beds.

Nasturtiums (Spitfire)
These will go along the garden fence, pole beans and other areas of my patio.

Hansel Eggplant

The Peppers are getting off to a slow start, yet making their appearance!

Im growing several peppers in this container.

Long Cayenne
Long Sweet Peppers
Anaheim Chilies
Pepperoncicni (Greek)
California Wonder Bell Peppers
Habaneros (Sauve)
Hungarian Hot Wax
Also in this container,
Fino Verde Basil

Other seed starting pictures



Brocolli and Nasturtiums together.

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

The Hostas have emerged from their winter slumber.

Jasmine is blooming away! Smells so pretty!

Still have lots to plant and trade!

How are your garden adventures growing!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Hi Jenn!

    We're going to have lots of tomato plant starters and peppers to trade -- so keep us in mind. Also -- artichokes just LOVE the kind of weather we have right now. Mine are about four feet high now and growing like mad. They will produce a nice crop of fresh artichokes in May and June -- then die back completely in the summer (too hot). I cut them back to nothing -- the bed for them is bare -- and new shoots emerge from the root systems in the fall after the summer heat breaks. They grow through the winter and produce again in the spring. Been doing this for years. We'll be adding another bed for them this year. Can't get enough artichokes!

  2. Bill & Venus,
    I would love to make some trades. Im very close to Natomas. Im near Gibson Ranch! Im growing 12 of almost everything! I plan on canning alot, lol. Also thought about trading to, but wasnt sure who to trade with! I have never grown Artichokes, hopefully it goes well.
    Happy Gardening!


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