Monday, March 15, 2010

Here's a little fence....Alot of garden space

I spend alot of time trying to recycle things and incorporate then into my garden!
My latest project is a simple fence made of tree branches we have found here and there! Heres a few pictures of how its going so far! Still needs a little bit of work! It will be a great fence for trellising veggies and vine growing flowers! I also wrote about this project on my recycling blog! So for those who follow both blogs get a double dose, Enjoy my friends!

This will be the enterance! Looking for bending branches to finish the arch! Lots of Nasturtiums will be growing here with some Morning Glorys. I will be painting the wall on that ugly shed in the background. Im going to paint Sunflowers to add alot of pop to that garden space!

I will be adding more branches as time goes by to add filler!

I also started another round of lettuce in the traveling wheel burrow salad bar!

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