Monday, March 15, 2010

Sprouts here, Sprouts there and a little of the garden!

Many things are sprouting In my Garden Spot or Spots I should say! Here is a little of whats going on. This will be my last post for a couple of weeks! I am having major surgery tomorrow on march 16th. I am hoping all will go well and I will be back in the garden as soon as possible! After all, who has time for nasty masses of cancer and hernias. There's Gardening to be done! If I cant Garden I simply wont be happy!

Heres a small garden bed I started! It has mystery bulbs I recieved for free! Im anxious to see what they will be! I wasnt going to pass up free bulbs. I only got about 40 planted and theres so many more to plant.

Here is some more of those bulbs, they are sitting in a huge plastic tote. I havent even gone halfway through the bin. Theres alot!

Heres some that were already sprouting! I have no idea what they are!

These are some I planted today! Had to get my last garden fix! No Gardening for 6 weeks! I hope I can find the will power to not play in the dirt!

This little bundle of Sage managed to find life again after winter! I will just leave it be and grow away!

The Radishes are off to a good start! Anyone willing to come over and thin them out for me!

Turnips are also emerging! Those will be needing thinning out too!

Brocolli is growing strong! Found a snail sneaking in, so hopefully the eggshells will scare those pesky snails away!

Curly Parsley and Garlic Chives lookin good together growing side by side!

I love, love , love Swiss Chard! 1 packet has really gone far in my Garden this year! I will plant this the rest of my gardening years!

The Arugula, Italian Mix Lettuce and Gourmet Blend Mix are also making their appearance! This is my second batch of mixed lettuces that im growing!

I hope everyone has great gardening adventures and I cant wait to read about them when I am home again.

Happy Gardening My Friends!


  1. I'd be so happy to come on over and thin out some of those radishes.

    Its so lovely to see produce you can eat - growing! Yum.

  2. I would love to come thin out your veggies! I like the idea of the wheelbarrow lettuce...I might do the same with an old wagon I have...I love your twig fence! Get better soon...

  3. Everything looks great, get well soon!


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