Thursday, April 1, 2010

As the Garden Grows, Expands & Gets a little work here and there..

This time of year Gardeners are super busy getting seeds started & getting the dirt ready for planting.

I have been attempting to get things done . Garden beds need to be cleaned out and dug up, seedlings need to be thinned. Raised beds are a work in progress! I have been working on my compost pile and getting all the rabbit poo ready to make the first batch of tea for the plants I grew indoors. In about a month, most of those veggies I have been growing indoors will be in the ground.

This week we are having lots of rain, which is good! This will make the soil more workable in the next few weeks and will hopefully fill the rain barrels full of water for future use. Here are a few pictures of whats happening in my Garden Spot!

I have also had the Hubby and a friend dig out an old shrub to make room for a Pomagranite Tree!

A little more clean up of this area is still needed, but this is where my tree will grow!

Here is the garlic bed I started!

It's off to a great start!

Here's the Red Onion Bed!

Here's how its looking today!

The Radishes are doing well! I have 3 differnt kinds growing!
White Icicle, Cherry Belle and English Breakfast (I think thats what the last one is called)

The Wheel Burrow Lettuce bed is doing great! I have multiple greens growing plus some scallions!
I have Black Seeded Simpson, Arugula, Italian Greens & a Gourmet Blend. The best part of growing lettuce this way, NO SNAILS!

In this bed I have Brocolli, Spitfire Nasturtiums and some Lettuce of some sort thats sprouting from last year! I have also added some eggshells in hopes that the snails leave my lettuce and brocolli alone!

The Peas are starting to work there way up the trellis. More Pea pictures to come as soon as they grow in a special design I have come up with! I think you will enjoy seeing the way I grew these Peas! But its not where I want it yet. So you will have to wait a bit longer.

My Spitfire Nasturtiums are doing great. I have them growing in a few places. Im going to train these to grow up my tiki tourches to hide the poles! Hope it will make it look more natural.

Here are my Turnips. I still need to thin them out. They are off to a great start too!

Swiss Chard is still going strong! I love the red! I cant wait to add some chard with my flower beds.

Here's a view of a small section of the garden. There is some Fennyl, Spinach, Celery, Chard & Onion.

Here is 2 of my kids helping me out. 2 out of 4 like to garden, not bad! They are big helpers! My son always has big ideas and my lil girl loves to just pick everything, lol.

Here is a new bed we started. This will hold our Baby Pak Choi (Green Fortune) It will tolerate some of the summer heat! Im hoping to add other Herbs around it for shade.

Well, thats all I have going on so far! I have been growing alot of seeds indoors. Soon all that will be joining the garden.

Whats growing in your garden?

Happy Gardening!!!

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  1. Wonderful! Beautiful! I love the cute, charming little gardens where everything is in its own little section. Its funny to see your garden, an iowa garden won't look like that for another couple of months.


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