Thursday, April 1, 2010

Attack of the Tomato seedlings!!!

I may have gotten a little Ambitious this year! I am totally cool with growing 72 Tomato plants. Yes, call me crazy. Last year was a dissapointing Tomato season for me and many others. Although, I am not growing them all for me. I am hoping to swap some plants with others and I am selling some to friends and family. Who knows maybe I will make back what I invested, that would be nice. I do plan on growing at least 30-40 in my own Garden. Most of them will make Marinara sauce,salsa, bruschetta, diced and tomato paste to can for the winter months when I am missing fresh garden tomatos.

This weekend I got busy transplanting my seedlings into bigger containers! Since I am recovering from surgery, this was an easy enough job for me to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. I took all my seedlings to the patio table and transplanted away!

I started them in the jiffy pellets that came in thier own little green house. I had great success. I had only 3 tomato plants that did not germinate.

I used a good potting soil with a couple of rabbit poop pellets and got right to work!

As you can see I filled each container with the soil and rabbit poo. I do this in a bigger bucket, this way I dont waste any soil!

It took me about an hour to do all of them. I did bury as much of the stem as possible to get a really good root system started. In about a month, they will all hit the raised beds in the main garden.

I am growing:

Black Krim
Purple Cherokee
Yellow Pear
Sweet 100
Big Boy
Mortgage Lifter
Red Lightning
Heirloom mystery mix
Purple and Green Tomatillos
Paste Tomatos
Black Cherry
Pompeii (Roma Sauce)
Garden Candy Cherry (orange, yellow& red)

I think thats all of them.

I still have to start Beefsteak and Pinapple and Mr.Stripy.

Here are some other things I have growing indoors.

Multiple Peppers, Marigolds to go with my tomatos and cilantro.

Hansel Eggplant which I love!

I have also started many Herbs! That will be a future post!

Happy Gardening!



  1. Jenn, that is a crazy number of tomatoes! Wow, you'll be up to your ears in sauce and salsa. I bet it'll be tasty, though. I wonder how many tomatoes 72 plants can make. . . how many tomatoes does one plant make, anyhow?

  2. Congrats on all the seedlings! You've got one heck of a green thumb.

    Also, I love that you're using one of the new templates.

  3. Melissa, I know its alot! I may have gone a little crazy!

    Mr Brown Thumb,
    I love the new templetes! Starting seeds is about the only thing I can do right now as I am recovering. Im just doing everything,lol. Did you see how well the Nasturtiums were doing!

  4. Awesome volume of tomato plants. I planted about 70, and when 50 failed to sprout, planted about 50 more. Of course, then the original 50 sprouted along with the new 50. So... I'm growing about 120 seedlings. Already committed to give away 6. My one certainty: none will end up in the compost heap!


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