Friday, April 2, 2010

Apples and Figs, Oh my....

Getting out in the yard and discovering whats blooming and growing is so exciting. It seems everyday lately im finding something new and in bloom! Spring has definitlly arrived in my yard, which makes me happy!

The Apple tree has pretty pink blooms and nice bright and dark green leaves.

The Fig tree is in full force, Hopefully the birds wont steal them!

Figs are everywhere!

I can not wait to eat these babies and make candied Figs!

Here is my Jasmine tree. It is blossoming away and smells so pretty! The Jasmine is finally covering the metal trellis I recycled from and old box spring. Soon I should have a ton of wild flowers growing in this area as well.

Whats blooming in your yard?

Happy Gardening!


  1. Oh those figs look precious. I hope for your sake that the birds don't steal them either.
    Have a good Easter weekend.

  2. Peach trees are popping and loaded again this year. The Santa Rosa plum, now in its third year, is loaded. Unfortunately, Blossom Rot reared its ugly head on the Lapin Cherry, which is also in its third year. I was going to have a big year for cherries -- but now -- looks like rot will take 40-50% of production. The Royal Ranier planted nearby was not affected, but this is just the second year for it. It's the wife's tree. She's getting about 10-15 cherries. The pomegranate looks good -- but it's too early to tell (not blooming yet. The nectarines, grapes, blueberries, boysenberries, blackberries and pluot were all planted this year, so we won't get anything. And the avocado? Well, if it survived the winter freeze (and that's a big if), we'll see.....

  3. Mangocheeks,
    I sure hope the birds dont get em! Hopefully the cat will keep the birds in line! Have a great Easter Weekend!

    You have alot going on in that backyard of yours! I would love an Avacodo tree! Are they hard to grow and maintain? Thats a bummer about your cherries! Soon they will be for sale on every corner here in Elverta, just like strawberries! If you get too many peaches im just a leve away, lol.


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