Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day with some Garden Grubs!

Earth Day! What a great day! I try to treat everyday as Earth Day.
Today I planted more Nasturtiums and Morning Glorys! I enjoying taking walks in my garden and planning out what I will plant next. Im running out of space, more grass is going to have to come up. Which is fine with me, grass just uses up precious water anyway! This weekend I will be putting hubby to work on digging up more of that grass. After all the pumpkins and squash have to go somewhere! So out with the grass and in come squashes in multiple sizes!

As I was checking out my garden this morning, I noticed huge holes in my Spitfire Nasturtiums! Um hello....thats not gonna fly with me!

Here is how lush and full the Nasturtiums are getting!

Something is eating my leaves!

As I continued to investigate here is what I found!

This nice bright green worm matches the leaves!

I almost missed this little critter. I found 4 of them chowing down on leaves!
Since I dont use pesticides, it was time to let my chickens have some grub. I clipped all 4 leaves with the worms on them and fed them to the chickens. They were very happy indeed!

Here are some more garden pics.

A small section of the winter/spring garden.

A differnt view. I love the red in the Swiss Chard. I am going to plant Red Chard with my flowers to add drama to my flower beds this summer.

I love how everything is so green

I even have lots of wild mushrooms growing with my onions. Does anyone know if I can compost the mushrooms or should I throw them away. I am not sure why I have so many wild mushrooms this year. I usually dont have them! Im thinking further research is needed!

Happy Gardening my Friends!


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