Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Contest!

Today at The Gardening Spot, Allsop Home Garden is giving away a free product to 1 of my lucky readers! Would you like to  know what it is? Well then, I think you will have to keep reading to find out!

Recently, I was asked by Allsop Home Garden to review a couple products and let them know what I think! They sent me Write & Erase Plant Tags & Pot Pads !

The Write & Erase Plant Tags came with 6 silver steel planting stakes and 6 write and erase plant tags. They have 2 sets of tags a Botanical series and an Herbal series. I recieved the Botanical series.  The tags are UV treated for year round use outside.

They come in this nice little case for storing!

I stuck a few in a pot to give you an idea of what they look like!

I used plant tag near my Pineapple Sage, just in case the Nasturtiums bury it!

As you can see 1 joined the garlic as well.
I really like these plant tags. When writing on the tags it requests that you use a Gel Ink ball point pen. They do erase when using soap and water. Which to me is a plus, this way I can move these throughout my garden and use them over and over again. Waste is not something I like to do in my garden. I look forward to using these again year after year. The steel planting sticks are very thick and sturdy.

The next product I tested out are the Pot Pads! I recieved a package of 4 in Colbalt Blue. They also come in packs of 12 and multiple other colors.

The blue part lays on the ground and the black grips to the bottom of the pot. The Pot Pads are useful in many ways. It enables plant aeration & drainage. Prevents deck rot & staining. Protects plants from bug infestation. These Pot Pads can also hold up to 3000 pounds! You are able to slide your pots along your deck without scratching. You can also use these indoors. They are like furniture movers for your pots! I thought these were great. I tested them by pulling large pots across my patio. They didnt slip out from underneath the pot, and they didnt leave marks! I especially like how they raise the pots about an inch off the ground.

I used Pot Pads under this Terra Cotta pot. See how it raises the pots of the ground. Now when I overwater, the extra water can drain into the herb garden behind it. No more wasting water for me!

The pots sitting on the Pot Pads are not wobbly. I pushed on them to test them and they stay still. Hopefully they will stand the test of animals. I will keep you posted.

Now on to the contest!

Allsop Home Garden Is giving away 1 set of  Plant tags to one of you!

To win, here are a few things you can do!
Leave me a comment on my blog, tell me why you should win!
Post my contest on Twitter
Join my Facebook Fan Page it is in the sidebar!

Extra ways to win!
Follow Allsop Home Garden on Twitter
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Let me know in your comment, which extra steps you have done, so you get your name entered for all of your chances to win!

I will announce a winner on April 30, 2010
Leave me your name and address and I will give your address info to Allsop Home Garden
They will ship you your product!

Good Luck Friends & Happy Gardening!!!


  1. Hello, I retweeted your contest on twitter, and I am now following allsopgarden on twitter. Also, i would really love to win these plant markers. i have never seen such cute ones, plus I love that I can reuse them wherever I want. I am also trying to teach my kids and the neighborhood kids about gardening. It would be especially helpful to be able to mark the plants so they know what they are, and so that they know which ones are safe to eat. I could mark a smiley face by the name of plants that are okay to just eat right there. Thanks so much for doing this contest!

  2. I'd love to win! With over 30 different varieties of Basil in my collection, the Plant Tags would show off the beautiful names of all my Basil!

  3. These are cool plant tags. I got some from them in the winter and I'm going to post my review of them soon.

    Good luck with your contest.

  4. How awesome is that, Jenn? I had to laugh when I saw the garlic---I'm up to my elbows in it thanks to the yardshare & am trying to give some starts away.

    WHAT A GREAT GIVEAWAY! I love the design of these tags and sad to say, I use tongue depressors. LOL. It's true! Now if that's not a good reason, I don't know what qualifies LOL.

    Have fun! So glad to see you're out and about in your amazing garden. Thank you for the chance at such a cool giveaway!!

  5. Um, I think I should get the plant tags because then I'd know what the heck I planted. I wrote on the cheap tags from the plastic greenhouse and my labels washed away the first time I watered. Now I have mystery plants. So I could totally use some plant tags, and those are really cool looking. Thank you for your consideration.

  6. Those plant tags are so pretty - and much more practicle to be able to write what you want and reuse them. Most of the pretty tags I've seen are the pre-written variety and they never have all the plants I want and don't have varieties on them. I have 'liked' both you and allsopgarden on facebook.

  7. I should win them because I'm a FREAK for plant markers! (By the way, my dogs broke my copper ones).

    Also, I did EVERYTHING on the list because I want to WIN!

  8. Hi...I retweeted on twitter and am now following on facebook. I should win these tags because I have planted a memorial garden for my stillborn twin sons that died a year ago on earthday. In addition to several potted Bonsai that I bought at bonsai outlet ( for anyone who wants to enjoy their amazing selection of bonsai and gardening tools...) I have a wide selection of herbs and edible flowers, which the tags would be lovely for. Please help me make my little memorial garden even more special. My blog is --respectful comments are always appreciated...

  9. I want to win because those are the cutest plant tags I have ever seen. I'm hosting a garden open house in June and they would help visitors ID my plants.

    rachel at


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