Sunday, April 18, 2010

A weekend of Gardening...

Spring has sprung in our back yard! Which means lots of gardening. Introducing veggie starts to the outdoor world! We did so much this weekend, yet we didnt make a dent. More work to be done next weekend, after the birthday party of my lil miss Kyla who will be 7.

Here's what we accomplished this weekend!

We picked our first Radishes! French Breakfast and Cherry Belle.

Swiss Chard, Torpedo Scallions with the Radishes and some Romaine lettuce made a great salad with our dinner!

We introduced Hansel Eggplant to the Garden along with some shallots.

In this raised bed we planted more Shallots, Baby Pak Choi & Cilantro. More will be added as time  passes.

We also started Beans and Flowers!
Here is what we started.

Tri Color Pole Beans
Black Eyed Peas
Dragon Tounge
Lima Beans
Kentucky Bush
Blue Lake

Orange Cosmos
Bachelor Buttons
Forget Me Nots
Crimson Morning Glorys
Dbl. Gleam Nasturtiums
Butterfly Bush
Pepper Boy Poppys
Cosmo Rose Dbl. Bon Bon
Cardinal Climber
Love Lies Bleeding

Then I started more veggies in this mini greenhouse.

Endeavor Cucumbers
Lemon Cucumbers
Yellow Crookneck Squash
Sweet Watermelon
French Pumpkin
3 colors of Zuchinni
Kellogs Beefstake Tomatos

I also stuck all my Tomato's and Pepper's outside to start hardening them off before adding them to the garden. I am almost certain I will not be without Tomatos this summer.

My Potato's are getting ready to hit the garden this week too! I am growing Russets and French Fingerling.

The herbs will hit the herb garden this week. I love fresh herbs when cooking!

Scallions are ready for picking! We enjoyed some in our salads this weekend!

What did you do this weekend? I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

Happy Gardening!!!


  1. Wow! You've got a ton of stuff started so far! They all look great too. Oh, and I'm also growing French Fingerlings this year!

  2. Angela,
    we will have to swap notes on french fingerling potatos! My first time growing!

  3. OK, Farmer Jenn! Sounds as though you've made a complete recovery. Now I'm wondering: do you use a PikRite mechanical harvester to bring in your produce at the end of the season? (I live down the street from their factory.) Are you supplying the state of California, or do you ship to the northeast as well?

  4. Farmer Jenn! I like the sound of that! I plan on doing alot of canning! I am also donating to the seniors in my community. I dont think anyone who lives near me will be without Tomatos! Thanks for visiting!


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