Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring day with the Bees!!!

Today I was taking pictures for a Wordless Wendsday Post, when I saw Bees!!!!
Yay!!! I love Bees and I am happy to see them  roaming in my flowers. Im glad to offer so many blooms to my little friends.

They may be a little hard to see! I did my best to get as close as I could. I did take these with my cell phone.

I know there was one in this picture and now I cant seem to find him!

It was a nice suprise to see them buzzing about!

Happy Buzzing around my friends!

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  1. I see the bee. Lucky that they can enjoy your flower offerings, my garden is pretty poor in relation to flowers, all i have are daffodils. Hopefully the lupins and marigolds will bloom and like you I will see some buzzy bees.


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