Saturday, June 26, 2010

Winner Winner...... Compost Spinner!!!

A couple weeks ago just before my birthday, I won the most amazing new garden toy!
 Can you guess???

I won a Spin Bin Composter!!!!  Yay me!

I entered the contest on this great blog  In the Garden Online.  Clean Air Gardening gave her a Spin Bin to give away. A super de duper thanks to the peeps at Clean Air Gardening for donating this awesome prize. Colleen Vanderlinden Is the writer for this blog! She always has great things posted on her page. Right now she is having her Blogivesary and is giving away alot of great things. So you should totally check her out!

Here are some pics of my new composter!

Isnt she GOURGEOUS!!!

I even fed her the minute she was put together!

My new compost bin is already full and I have been giving her a good spin daily!
I cant wait to enjoy the compost of her labors!

Thanks Colleen for having this most AWESOME contest on your blog! A big thanks to Clean Air Gardening for my new Composter!

Happy Composting!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your big win! Looking forward to a peek at the finished product. (I am, I'm afraid, a compost junkie.)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Jen! What an awesome composter!!!

  3. that is totally cute! I can't wait to get one of those one day. Enjoy!


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