Saturday, June 26, 2010

Help! My beans are taking over! Teaching them to grow up!

The pole beans are taking over my homemade stick fence. It looks very pretty, but they are smothering my tomato's and eggplants. We cant have that. So, today by looking through many books and some internet research on trellising. I came up with a solution that will still make my garden look very nature like and organic.

I added the longest branches I could find and attached them to the sturdiest parts of my fence. Tied them up with some butchers twine.

The leaves on the bean plants are so pretty. Im growing Tri color pole beans  up this trellis. I ordered these seeds from Renee's Garden Seed. Im excitied to see and taste them. I have had such a great experience this year with this company's seeds. I will be buying most of mine from them next year.

I then spent a good 30 minutes trying to untangle my pole beans to train them to go up instead of clumping and invading my tomato's.

Here is my trellis all completed! In a few weeks I should have a gourgous green wall of beans with specs of purple and yellow.

What kind of beans are you growing in your garden?

Happy Gardening Friends!!!

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  1. Looks like you've managed to tame those naughty, unruly beans!


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