Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden Goodies!


My First Black Krim Tomato!
 It was so good, we ate it on the spot!

Hansel Eggplants, multiple Beans, Yellow Sunburst Squash, Cucumbers and some Figs from our tree.
Some of what we have picked from the garden in the past couple of days.

We are also getting Shady Lady Tomatos and Orange Cherry Tomatos. We also have Red onion and garlic we harvested. I just forgot to take pictures.

This week I have made Eggplant Parmisian, Fried Squash, Pizza sauce and then we made pizzas using veggies from the garden. Its been a fun week in the garden. The way things are growing and the how much we are harvesting, its time to pull out all the canning stuff and start canning the garden.

So far our total pounds of food from our garden is 12.6 pounds.

How is your garden growing?
Are you harvesting yummy goodness yet?

Happy Gardening my Friends!!!


  1. 12.6 pounds?! Can you eat all of that? Wow. That tomato looks delicious. I've only had one tiny red tomato so far. The rest are all green.

    My son would flip over those beans. Beans are his favorite. :)

  2. That's some damn fine harvest, girlie. Well done!

  3. Jenn, They look really wonderful!!! Any secrets to such a success?


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